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Frequently Asked Questions

We will do our best to make sure this section is updated to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions or FAQ’s.

When can I purchase tickets for Chilifest?

Check out the ticket info page for locations.

What is the order of the entertainment lineup?

See this year’s Lineup!

Are credit cards accepted at Chilifest?

Yes. Credit cards and cash are accepted at most vendors across Chilifest. By registering your RFID wristband, you can also pre-load a credit onto it and pay via wristband.

Do I need to register my RFID wristband?

Yes. Registering your wristband allows us to replace it should you lose your wristband. It also allows quicker entry to the event, cashless/cardless payments (by pre-loading a card onto your wristband while registering) and allows you to interact with sponsors at our event! More info. coming soon.

How much are children’s tickets?

Children’s tickets are the same price. However, Chilifest is loud and crowded and, in the past, some parents have regretted bringing children along.

When is bussing provided to and from College Station?

See our Transportation page.

I’m a team captain. Do I schedule bussing for my team on Friday like in year’s past?

Yes, but ONLY until 9pm on Friday. After 9pm, absolutely NO team busses will be allowed on the premises. From 9pm to 1:30am we will be running our Park ‘N Ride service that your team can ride home Friday night. Saturday operates as in year’s past. See our Transportation page for more details.

How do I become an official Chilifest sponsor?

See our Sponsorships page for info or email info@chilifest.org

If I can’t make it to Chilifest, do I get a refund?

No. All sales are final.

Can teams be together?

We are usually able to accommodate teams so that they are together. When you have paid for your spot, we will send you information which will tell you how teams can be placed together.

Can I bring an RV or travel trailer to Chilifest?

Our current situation with RV’s is as follows—We cleared a small lot directly across the street from the event grounds for RV’s. The price of an RV lot pass is $200 in advance, as we are providing security for the RV lot for the duration of Chilifest. If you come without having paid it will be $250/pass. No hookups will be provided. The lot is located across 3058 from the event grounds. We will allow you to bring an RV and park in the RV lot anytime before 11:00 p.m. Thursday, April 5th. If you arrive anytime after the allotted time, you will not be allowed to park in the RV parking lot. Any RV’s brought in on that Friday will not be allowed in, NO EXCEPTIONS. In order to receive the advanced price RV pass you will need to have bought and paid for it by Tuesday, April 2nd at midnight. To purchase an RV pass online click on the “Buy Tickets” button on the home page.

Can teams bring alcohol on Friday?

Yes. Its BYOB. Only beer will be allowed in. The beer must be canned and brought in under your own power. Boxed wine in its original package, and un-tampered will be allowed in. Carts, wagons, and dolleys can be used. Absolutely NO glass, kegs, or liquor. Any questions on what might be allowed in or not, please see Chilifest Team Rules and Regulations or Contact Us.

Where are the nearest hotels located?

The nearest hotels are 15 miles away in College Station. There are also hotels in Caldwell as well as Somerville. There are many to choose from in both towns. Check out our Trip Planning page for hotel deals!

Can a person be a captain for multiple teams?

No. Each separate team needs a different captain.

When do the gates open and close?

On Friday, gates open at 12 noon and close at midnight. Absolutely no entries or re-entries will be allowed after midnight. On Saturday, gates open at 10 AM and close when the last performer has finished their set.

If I’m not on a chili team can I still come on Friday?

Yes! We offer a 2-Day General Admission Ticket. This way you can enjoy both days of Chilifest without joining a team. Although, we suggest joining a team to capture the full feeling of Chilifest.

What can we bring in on Saturday?

No food, drinks, ice, or any prohibited items allowed in Saturday. Camping chairs, umbrellas, etc are advisable.

What can we bring in on Friday?

See the Chilifest Team Entry Form for a full list of what is allowed and not allowed on Friday. No glass, liquor or kegs!

I’m planning on checking in on Thursday but my buddy has some more stuff to bring out later – Can we do that?

No. When you check in, you must have everything together. No one can bring items at a later time.

Will ice be sold at Chilifest or should we bring our own?

Giant 40lb bags of ice will be sold for $10 on both Friday and Saturday. Only ice used for food storage will be allowed through on Friday. Ice must be brought in STILL IN THE BAG. No opened ice will be allowed through. NO ICE CAN BE BROUGHT IN ON SATURDAY.

One of our members can’t make it to Chilifest – Can we add someone in their place?

Sure. Just change the name on the waiver form.

How can we add people to our team?

By accessing our ticketing page and purchasing another ticket for your respective team.

One of our members can’t make it to Chilifest – Can we add someone in their place?

Sure. Just change the name on the waiver form.

I want to be a vendor at Chilifest – How do I do that?

Email us, but currently, we do not have any more vending spaces available this year.

Will there be food available on Friday and Saturday?

Food will be available for purchase on both Friday and Saturday from various food vendors.

I am an out of town team captain. How do I register my team?

Out of town teams will be asked to register their team and purchase tickets via our ticketing page beginning Jan 26th at noon.

Do I have to be 21 to enjoy Chilifest?

No, there is no age limit. Parents, be aware that Chilifest does attract a college-age crowd.

Does Chilifest have a Lost & Found?

YES. If you have a lost item from Chilifest that you believe has been picked up and you are unable to make one of the scheduled times at our office, please email info@chilifest.org .

Office Address:

1701 Southwest Pkwy Suite 107
College Station, TX 77840

Or please shoot us a quick message on Facebook or through our contact form.