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Kolby Cooper


FRIDAY (APRIL 5TH, 2019) – Set Time Coming Soon  –  BUY TICKETS

About Kolby Cooper Band:

Kolby Cooper. From East Texas based out of Palestine, Tx with a Texas Music Sound.

By listening to Kolby Coopers sound and strongly written lyrics you can tell Kolby is shooting to hit you straight in the gut and heart. With his break up song titled “It Ain’t Me” which seems to be a crowd favorite talks about a story between a couple who’s he/her has a had enough and is saying I don’t care who you hangout with, what you do, or who you hookup with along as it ain’t me.

Kolby Cooper released his debut single November 25, 2017 titled “Every Single Kiss” which hit 30k streams in just a little under 3 months. After releasing his single Kolby released his Debut EP “Vol. 1” February 15, 2018 and begging reaching a college town fan base.

The debut EP “Vol. 1” talks about a love song to a girl about taking risk with a strong written line
“Regrets are the chances you don’t take” then ranges to breakup songs about trying to forget
about someone and saying go do what you want and I don’t care as long as I’m not around.

Kolby found his love for country music by riding around with his dad. He grew up listening to his inspirations ranging from a wide variety from Waylon and Cash to Blink 182 and Chris Cornell.

Soon after Kolby started to sing and learn how to play guitar which gave him the idea to turn these talents into his life dream. Kolby started competing in singer/songwriter competitions and has advanced to the finals and semi-finals.

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